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Price: £5800.00 plus VAT
Condition: NEW

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Location: Somerset, UNITED KINGDOM

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FSI B21 - The newest balanced and compact stump grinder that may be used to remove any kind of tree stump is the B21.

The revolutionary Hill Hold System You no longer need to be concerned about your stump grinder rolling away from you as you climb the ramp. Transport up ramps, over steps or curbs, and over terrain is safe and simple thanks to a special braking mechanism. The stump cutter may be moved backwards safely and simply when the hill-hold mechanism is engaged without running the risk of the wheels rolling forward.

With the invention of a closed bearing housing, which is lubricated from the factory for more than 1000 hours of normal operation, there is no longer a need for daily maintenance. As a result, you are no longer need to consider daily bearing lubrication.


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