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Need help Advertising?

If you need help placing an Advert, please print this page before you start!

In order to place adverts on eArborist you must register. Please make sure you are registered with eArborist before you try placing adverts. There is some help information available to help with the registration, please click here to see the information.

1. To place an advert, please click on 'ADVERTISE EQUIPMENT' (MARKETPLACE pull down menu in header)
The Advertise process takes only a few minutes and is just 4 steps long!

2. You need to sign in to place adverts! If you are not signed in:
You will be taken to a screen which displays two empty boxes, Email and Password. Use you mouse to select these boxes in turn and then type in the appropriate information and click on NEXT and you will be taken to your Personal Welcome Screen. From here you will see the text. "To place a new ad click here"
If you are signed in:
You will be taken to your Personal Welcome Screen. From here you will see the text. "To place a new ad click here"

3. (Step 1) There are 3 boxes to fill in on this page. In order to fill in the first box you must click on the arrow to the right of the "select value" text and then click on one of the categories in the list. The other two boxes in this step are straight forward. You simply need to click in the boxes individually with your mouse and then enter the text you require.
The "Ad Title" is VERY important. You need to make sure that you use good descriptive words and not words like "brilliant" or "superb". When someone searches the site they will not be searching for words like. superb! They may however be searching for "Husqvarna" or "Stihl"
The "Description" is also equally as important. The more information you can included in the description about the item for sale the better. The Buyer will only have the description of the item and the photo (if you include one) to get a good understanding of exactly what you are selling, make sure you take some time to explain!
Of course they will contact you if they are interested, but they won't contact you if there's not enough information to tempt them! Click on NEXT to go to Step 2!

4. (Step 2) Click on the arrow next to "select Value" to select a Currency from the list.
* Note. Select the currency you will be selling the item using!
Next click in the box next to "Ad Price" - enter the amount you would like for the item you are advertising.
Now click on the arrow next to second "select Value" and select a duration for your advert. The Advertisement will automatically be removed from eArborist when this time has expired! And lastly (for this step) click on NEXT

5. (Step 3) Do you have a picture on your computer which you would like to include in your advert? Remember Pictures sell!   


Great website, just what treeworkers need to buy and sell kit online. Great guys
Steve, Treetops The Tree Specialists, UNITED KINGDOM