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Updated: 09/29/2023   
Marketplace > Stump Grinders
Rayco RG13 series 2 - Category: Stump Grinders
Stump grinder, 2012. In excellent condition, only me owned machine from brand new. Not abused,...
£1395 ono

Marketplace > Stump Grinders
Bandit ZT1844 - Category: Stump Grinders
Bandit ZT1844 - Category: Stump Grinders - - 2019 model - 745 hours - Brand new...
£12995 plus VAT

Marketplace > Wood Chippers
Timberwolf TW230HB(p) - Category: Wood Chippers
Timberwolf TW230HB(p) - The Timberwolf TW 230HB petrol powered sub 750kg wood chipper delivers...
£ plus VAT

Marketplace > Stump Grinders
FSI B21 - Category: Stump Grinders
FSI B21 - The newest balanced and compact stump grinder that may be used to remove any kind of...
£5800 plus VAT
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Updated: 09/15/2023   
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eArborist works very well for us. We sell several new Multi-Tip wheels each day and a large amount are to subscribers of your site who retro fit Multi-Tip to their old or new stump grinders that have been running inadequate systems or inferior teeth in the past.