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MODEL INFORMATION: GreenMech > SAFE-Trak STC19/28MT50 - 7.5"
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GreenMech >
SAFE-Trak STC19/28MT50 - 7.5"

Other Tracked Chippers suffer from poor stability on sloping ground, lack of ground clearance and are too wide for restricted access.
The SAFE-Trak system solves all this with its innovative track extension system (Patent
Pending) that independently extends each track by up to 600mm (24-inches) and raises the machine to give massive ground clearance, up to 600mm (24-inches). By extending only 1 track, slopes up to 35-degrees can be traversed in complete safety. A twin Pump system totalling 90lt/min gives a tracking speed of up to 6km/h.
Click on the product highlight for many new features. Information sourced from http://www.greenmech.co.uk
Updated: 06/06/2019   
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We sold the Octopussy MEWP yesterday and got lots of replies - your site is really good for advertising!
David, DW Oliver Tree Services Ltd, UNITED KINGDOM

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