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MODEL INFORMATION: Arbor Eater > PZ 250T - 9.75" PTO
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Arbor Eater >
PZ 250T - 9.75" PTO

250 mm, 9.75 inch capacity twin feed tractor powered chipper. Featuring two large single sided blades with an adjustable chip size between 5 - 30 mm length. Minimum tractor power 60HP. Comes complete with drawbar and pto shaft at 540 or 1000 rpm. Mounted on low speed axle for easy movement, plus the rubber tyres absorb the drumming noise generated by skid mounted machines. Three point linkage fitted. Electronic stress control plugs into tractor trailer socket to ensure jam free operation. Information sourced from http://www.arboreaters.co.uk.
Updated: 04/19/2022   
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My big grinder sold straight away for the asking price after I had nothing but timewasters on several E-Bay attempts. Very happy with the site performance
Justin, Kingwell Holdings, UNITED KINGDOM