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Mason Wood Chippers SKY
MODEL INFORMATION: GreenMech > CS 100 - 4"
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GreenMech >
CS 100 - 4"

Designed for professional landscapers and powered by economical 14 hp or 18 hp engine, using just 2-3 litres of fuel per hour. Processes a wide range of material on-site. Features include removable blade cassette for ease of maintenance, easy access emergency stop button and double rubber flaps on the in-feed chute, to retain material. Chips branches up to 100 mm in diameter. Wide in-feed throat (315x162 mm) copes with armfuls of lighter material. Throw up to 5 metres. Softer material, e.g. shrub prunings, broken down into a fine or coarse mulch - a perfect weed suppressant. Optional transport trailer allows the CS100 to discharge directly into a towing vehicle.
Information sourced from http://www.greenmech.co.uk.
Updated: 06/06/2019   
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Hi there, I'm the owner of GBT, woodchippers and Stumpgrinders and more. We recently started to advertise on this site and have found it really does work. We would have no hesitation to recommend it to any one thinking of trying it for the first time. Thanks eArborist for a good service to the industry - it's about time someone got it right.

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