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MODEL INFORMATION: Bandit > Beast 1680
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Bandit >
Beast 1680

Compact, simple to maneuver, and easy to tow, the Model 1680 ‘Sharptooth' really is a ‘son of a Beast'! Featuring a 52" wide by 24" high infeed opening, this compact unit weighs in under 20,000 lbs. and rides on two 12,000 lb. Torflex axles for easy transport. The 1680 also features 26 cutterbodies with teeth, engine options up to 275-horsepower, and a 36" folding infeed pan.
Information sourced from www.banditchippers.com
Updated: 06/06/2019   
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I have sold several bits of kit with no problems & you don't get time wasters
Johnny, Chevintree Surgeons, UNITED KINGDOM

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