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MODEL INFORMATION: GreenMech > Arborist 15-23 Petrol - 6"
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Arborist 15-23 Petrol - 6"

The Arborist 15-23 petrol is a 150mm x 230mm capacity machine with a 27 hp petrol engine, single feed roller (twin roller option), No-Stress power control. A unique design allows a convenient infeed height with a top and side control/safety bar, eliminating most nuisance tripping. The folding infeed chute gives a compact transport mode and allows the chipper to fit inside your garage for safe storage. Road towable, and under the 750kg towing limit with an un-braked chassis (brakes available as option). Information sourced from www.greenmech.co.uk
Updated: 04/19/2022   
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CTE get more enquiries through eArborist than any other form of advertising we use. Have sold a few things too!