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MODEL INFORMATION: GreenMech > Arborist 13-23 - 5"
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Arborist 13-23 - 5"

The Arborist 13-23 wood chipper encompasses all of the main features that you would expect from today's professional wood chippers.

With optional single or twin feed Rollers linked to a no-stress in-feed control system, the 13-23 can handle wood waste up to 130 mm with ease - with the added benefit
of a letterbox opening allowing the operator to process wide branches with limited pre-feed reduction.

With the option of two engines, a 22 hp Vanguard Petrol or a 20 hp Lombardini Diesel, 13-23 chippers allow you to find the appropriate machine to match the job and the budget, without sacrificing
specification or quality.

Using a fully fabricated flywheel with two bearings, that can be greased, plus the proven and patented Disc-Blade system, the Arborist 13-23 will reduce your wood and green waste reliably, saving you time and money. Information sourced from www.greenmech.co.uk
Updated: 04/27/2023   
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