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MODEL INFORMATION: Jensen > 750 Contractor - 6"
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Jensen >
750 Contractor - 6"

Designed and built for the contractor who requires a 6" woodchipper which will give performance and reliability at the same time as keeping below the 750kg weight limit for younger drivers.

This is a
full spec 6"x8" JENSEN chipper with a braked chassis and handbrake that won't fail to meet your requirements.

With all the standard JENSEN features, this machine will handle anything from a 6" limb to
wet laylandi and even the smallest hedge trimmings with ease and speed. As with all JENSEN products the maintenance on this machine is fantastically simple.
Information sourced from www.redwooduk.co.u
Updated: 03/27/2024   
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Have sold several Chippers and Saws through the site. Wouldn't advertise anywhere else.
Graham, G A Butler & Sons Limited, UNITED KINGDOM