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MODEL INFORMATION: Timberwolf > 13/75G - 3"
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Timberwolf >
13/75G - 3"

The TW 13/75G began life in March 2000 as the 12/75. The concept was to create a chipper with a minimum 10 year working life within the hire industry (being one of the most arduous environments to which plant equipment be deployed and where only the toughest machines will survive), offering a level of performance that would ensure the machine was repeat hired.

To meet this objective, it was obvious to us that we must look to the methods used in the building of our larger chippers rather than the industry standard of normal mass production of machines of this size. Our design department gave us an early warning that if
we really wanted a chipper this small to be strong enough for 10+ years of hard work, then it was never going to be light.

As with all good machinery the difference is in the detail; here are just a few details that help create this impressive little workhorse:

The whole machine is fabricated rather than formed from pieces of pressed steel. Pressing steel into shape produces a formed component in seconds and is therefore cheaper than fabrication, but requires that the steel be relatively thin for the machine to be able to press it. The TW 13/75G must be fabricated by hand because of the thickness of material
used throughout the machine.

The rotor is made from solid steel and is attached to a 40mm solid steel shaft capable of taking many times the cutting forces generated by the 13hp Honda engine.
The shaft runs in 2 industrial sized bearings, again over specified for the work they will be doing.

The shaft is not attached directly to the crankshaft of the engine but uses 2 belts running in parallel. The belts are not only used to prevent shock loading but by slowing the rotor down we are able to increase rotor torque for enhanced chipping performance

Information source: http://www.timberwolf-uk.com
Updated: 03/27/2024   
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