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MODEL INFORMATION: Timberwolf > 125PH - 5"
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Timberwolf >
125PH - 5"

The Timberwolf 125PH is a hydraulic feed chipper

The TW 125PH first came into production in 1998 with a single feed roller. Over time it evolved and optimum performance was obtained with twin feed rollers in September 2001.

The concept for the TW 125PH was to create a sub 750kg chipper with exceptional
chipping performance at an affordable price without compromising on quality, durability and performance.

We gave the machine the rotor, blades, feed rollers and feed funnel of the larger TW 150DHB, which with thousands sold, seemed to be a good starting point!

The Honda 20hp electric start petrol
engine was chosen not just because of the world-renowned Honda legacy, but also because of the high torque characteristics associated with this engine. The 20hp Honda engine is well suited to the TW 125PH rotor installation.

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Updated: 09/15/2023   
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