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Timberwolf (or "Entec Timberwolf") is the brand name of equipment manufactured by Environmental Manufacturing LLP – a British manufacturing company that design, develop and manufacture professional wood chippers, shredders and waste recycling machinery.

Timberwolf have only started to produce shredders since 2007, but they already have 3 versions - the S426TDH, the S426TFTR and the PTO S426 - and their experience in creating arboricultural machines in general is seen in
the quality of their shredders.

Today’s Timberwolf is superbly engineered and built to purpose, having evolved through customer feedback and our constant attention to design and detail throughout the 5,500 machines built to date.
Updated: 11/20/2020   
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My big grinder sold straight away for the asking price after I had nothing but timewasters on several E-Bay attempts. Very happy with the site performance
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