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Predator Power Ltd are based in Binfield Heath, Oxfordshire and produce high-quality stump grinders for the arboricultural trade. They were set up in 2000 by Patrick Watts (an ex-tree surgeon) but they only started to produce their own range of stump grinders in 2003, after finding that the American products were too big for English gardens. Their products are now assembled in the Czech Republic.

Predator produce
both wheeled (12hp for the Predator F350 to 38hp for the F500H) and tracked stump grinders (28hp for the P28X to 75hp for the P75RX) and also supply attachment grinders for excavators and tractors.
Updated: 04/14/2021   
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I sold my forestry mulcher within one day of advert, good site and a bit of good luck.
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