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Mason Wood Chippers SKY


Founded in 1976, Pezzolato S.p.A is one of the leading forestry machines manufacturers in Italy with two factories and 150 dedicated employees. Their headquarters are located in Envie.

They produce both disc and drum chippers, composting machines, wood splitters, pallet packers, sawmills and much more.

their products are not sold under the name of Pezzolato in the UK. Instead, they are sold under the brand Arbor Eater, as Arbor Eater are their agent in the UK.
Updated: 09/04/2019   
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We have sold chippers and green waste shredders from direct leads from eArborist.com I am extremely pleased with the response. Also stump grinder teeth sales are going crazy.
Lucy, Arbor Eater Brushwood Chippers Limited, UNITED KINGDOM

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