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GBT were based in Boston, Lincolnshire. GBT have been arborists for 20 years and built their first woodchipper in 2006. Greville Bray showed the 367 at the APF show for the first time and in January 2007 went to production on the first model, the GBT 367. However, the business was put up for sale in 2011 due to the economic climate and is currently looking for a buyer.

The GBT 367 was
the first model in range, it can be purchased in either a 7 or a 12 inch model and has a 36hp diesel engine. This chipper features a super single feed roller and is driven by high torque and low speed hydraulic motor.

The other model that the 367 GBT is the PTO Driven Tractor mounted Wood Chipper. This machine performs at its true best when attached to a 50hp+ tractor due to the weight
of the machine. A Single 12 volt electrical connection to tractor to power the stress feed system and a standard 540 rpm 6 spline pto shaft.

GBT also do a model called the 9x9 DFR 9" Brush Woodchipper, which is a very strong, yet simple to operate machine, designed and built with durability, safety, reliability and ease of use all a top priority. with a Yanmar 36hp diesel engine.
Updated: 04/27/2023   
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Sold my Greenmech chipper in 24hr after advertising it on this site. Never had a call when I advertised it in the magazines Thanks eArborist.
Brian, B Charlesworth ltd, UNITED KINGDOM