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BEL Enterprises LTD

BEL Enterprises LTD
If you are looking for cost effective and high quality wood chippers, stump grinders and surface planers then the Universal Bingham product range has to be your first choice. With over fifteen years of experience in the hydraulic attachment market and over 30 years in the large milling and mining industry, we build products that last.

Our specialist knowledge in design and manufacturing is relied upon by some of the largest and most prestigious O.E.M.s in the construction, quarrying and mining industry all around the world.

product range is manufactured and backed up by a modern production plant based close to the A1 and M62 motorways in West Yorkshire, (England).

If you are interested in becoming a BEL dealer then please give us a call to discuss.
Updated: 04/27/2023   
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First product I advertised was a 130 Landy, sold within 3 days, and have had 19 e-mails since......Great forum for selling on surplus kit. I will be using it again soon. Thanks eArborist....
Rob, Overland / Arbtruck, UNITED KINGDOM