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Model:PTO/150H - 6"
Price: Price on Application 
Condition: NEW

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Location: Surrey, UNITED KINGDOM

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Having been designed for the larger estate and a busy landscape gardener, this chipper fits onto any compact tractor that has a 6-spline 540rpm power-take-off shaft, category 1, three point linkage and 12 volt electric supply.

Unlike some PTO chippers, this chipper is completely self-contained with the Timberwolf Auto Feed Control and its own hydraulic oil tank (chippers without self-containted hydraulic system may not be compatible with a tractor). The TW PTO/150H is ideally suited to tractors from 25hp to 60hp.

This chipper will easily tackle branches from 125mm (5") to 150mm (6") depending on tractor horsepower.
This chipper is ideal for attached to a tractor and its features and benefits include:
Blades - easy to access and change, do not require shimming, can be sharpened up to 10 times with up to 25 hours chipping between sharpening
Clever rotor and blade design allows compact size that makes more efficient use of engine power compared to competitors
Legendary Timberwolf no stress control - fast reaction times ensure high efficiency, high throughput and constant discharge velocity
Independent hydraulic system to power the feed rollers is self contained. Does not rely on the tractors hydraulic supply. This makes it truly versatile and does not rely on being compatible with the tractors hydraulic system

Timberwolf TW PTO/100G Machine Specifications

Timberwolf TW PTO/100G Specifications

25-60hp @ PTO (540rpm)


Tank Capacity


Feed tray up 1775mm, feed tray down 2880mm



Max Dia. Infeed
150mm (6")

Up to 4 tonnes per hour

Feed method
Twin hydraulic feed rollers c/w Auto Feed Control

2 x 101mm (4") fully hardened


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Sold the Stihl 660 this morning, thanks.
Duncan, Hampshire Trees, UNITED KINGDOM