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The Timberwolf S426TDHB is fast, effective, versatile, towable, affordable and in a class of its own.

The S426TDHB is many waste shredders in one! It can be used as a green waste shredder for general waste reduction, a pallet shredder, a cardboard shredder for cardboard recycling, a
plastic* shredder for plastic recycling or use it for general site clearance.

The advanced design of the S426TDHB enable it to effectively handle all of these materials without having to fit different hammers.

With its 45hp Kubota engine, the TW S426TDHB shredder meets the demands
of a commercial shredding operation. Whether your problem is bulky green waste, tree brash, pallets, packaging material, plastics*, cardboard or contaminated timber, this versatile shredder will save you time and money.

Information sourced from http://www.timberwolf-uk.com
Updated: 22/10/2018   
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