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Mason Wood Chippers SKY
MODEL INFORMATION: GreenMech > CS 100 - 4"
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GreenMech >
CS 100 - 4"

Designed for professional landscapers and powered by economical 14 hp or 18 hp engine, using just 2-3 litres of fuel per hour. Processes a wide range of material on-site. Features include removable blade cassette for ease of maintenance, easy access emergency stop button and double rubber flaps on the in-feed chute, to retain material. Chips branches up to 100 mm in diameter. Wide in-feed throat (315x162 mm) copes with armfuls of lighter material. Throw up to 5 metres. Softer material, e.g. shrub prunings, broken down into a fine or coarse mulch - a perfect weed suppressant. Optional transport trailer allows the CS100 to discharge directly into a towing vehicle.
Information sourced from http://www.greenmech.co.uk.
Updated: 04/23/2019   
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Refreshing to do business with both yourself and Nathan, and I will be very highly recommending eArborist !!! Thanks for you help

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