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MODEL INFORMATION: GreenMech > Arborist 16-23 Diesel - 6"
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GreenMech >
Arborist 16-23 Diesel - 6"

The Arborist 16-23 has a 35 hp water cooled diesel and twin hydraulic feed rollers. No-Stress power control and letter box style infeed throat, 230mm (9") by 160mm (6.5"),enable processing of awkward shaped material with ease. Its unique design allows a convenient infeed height with a top and side control/safety bar, eliminating most nuisance tripping, whilst being fully HSE compliant. Road towable, with fully braked chassis, the Arborist 16-23 is the ideal heavy duty 6.5-inch machine. Information sourced from http://www.greenmech.co.uk
Updated: 09/01/2019   
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