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367 - 7"

Greville Bray has been an arborist for 20 years and always wanted to build his own chipper. In 2006 he showed the 367 at the APF show for the first time and January 2007 went to production.

The GBT 367, the first model in the range, represents the fulfilment of that ambition. It is a 7 inch model which will be followed by a 12 inch version. The 367 is powered by a 36hp Yanmar diesel engine
which comes with a two year warranty. The chipper itself has a 12 months parts and labour warranty. It features a super single feed roller driven by a high torque, low speed hydraulic motor.

Greville Bray’s brother Timothy is a design engineer in the USA and had significant input into the design of the chipper. The whole project took five years from start to finish, including two
years testing and refining. The chipper has a unique, patent pending anvil design which keeps the timber more central to the blade when cutting, resulting in less vibration and movement as it passes through. It is fitted with three double sided blades. It comes with no-stress feed, a spare wheel and a stabiliser jack as standard. Information sourced from http://www.gbtproducts.co.uk
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Hi there, I'm the owner of GBT, woodchippers and Stumpgrinders and more. We recently started to advertise on this site and have found it really does work. We would have no hesitation to recommend it to any one thinking of trying it for the first time. Thanks eArborist for a good service to the industry - it's about time someone got it right.

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