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The Carlton 2012 features 20-inch long feed rollers, while the 2512 features 25-inch long feed rollers. The longer rollers on the 2512 give it a wider throat at the rollers, making it feed more aggressively. The 2512 is available as an HD (heavy-duty) model for the most difficult chipping conditions. The HD model comes with a 9000 lb. Dexter Torflex axle and an extreme duty 3- by 6-inch steel frame. No matter what the project, no matter what the conditions, Carlton has the right wood chipper for you.

The Carlton Model 2012 wood chipper incorporates numerous standard features found only as options on competitive machines. Standard features like live
hydraulics, dual lift cylinders, reversing auto feed, Kevlar belts and
Dupont Imron paint, put the 2012 in a class by itself. High horsepower diesel engines, a
20-by 12-inch throat opening and a 64-inch wide infeed give the Carlton 2012 massive capacity. Plus Carlton chippers are built to the highest standards providing contractors the operation and reliability they need.
information sourced from www.stumpcutters.com
Updated: 20/11/2018   
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First product I advertised was a 130 Landy, sold within 3 days, and have had 19 e-mails since......Great forum for selling on surplus kit. I will be using it again soon. Thanks eArborist....
Rob, Overland / Arbtruck, UNITED KINGDOM

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