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JBM Machinery is a business established in Germany in the early 1900s and has been building Stump Grinders since 1975. Over the years, their machinery has been developed in line with their experience.

Machinery is manufactured to the usual German high quality to ensure reliability and top-class results.

JBM use a range of different engine in their stump grinders, including Kubota, Honda
and Kohler. These produce varying engine sizes:

JBM 2913 BD - 13hp

JBM 2925 BDH - 25hp

JBM 5950 DH - 50hp

JBM 7600 PTO - 80hp to 150hp
Updated: 24/10/2017   
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I sold my forestry mulcher within one day of advert, good site and a bit of good luck.
Billy, Central Tree Surgeons, UNITED KINGDOM

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