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ITALMEC was founded in 1981 and is, since its start, successfully managed by people and engineers with over forty years experience in the aerial platforms manufacturing industry.

Since 2003 ITALMEC also offers a complete range
of Track Mounted, Self-Propelled, Crawler or Spider platforms from 14m to 21m depending on the model.

Ragno R14 - Maximum Working Height 14m
Ragno R16 - Maximum Working Height 16m
Ragno R19 - Maximum Working Height 19m
Ragno R21 - Maximum Working Height 21m
Ragno RJ20 - Maximum Working Height 20m
Updated: 18/10/2018   
 I'm looking for? Where?

First product I advertised was a 130 Landy, sold within 3 days, and have had 19 e-mails since......Great forum for selling on surplus kit. I will be using it again soon. Thanks eArborist....
Rob, Overland / Arbtruck, UNITED KINGDOM

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