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Arbor Eater

Arbor Eater
Arbor Eater Brushwood Chippers are based in West Sussex, but sell machines all over the UK and Northern Ireland.

In the 1980's Michael Dalrymple invented a brushwood chipper to use in his tree surgery contract business, his competitors soon asked him to manufacture machines for them.
In the 1990's Arbor Eater joined forces with Pezzolato in Italy and have been selling products for them ever since. Arboreater are Pezzolatos UK agent, and deal with their whole range of machinery.

The Arbor Eater wood chipper intake sizes vary from 4" to 27" in capacity giving a
wide range of choice. Arbor Eater's come with a variety of different engine and PTO configurations, the engines used are: three & six cylinder Iveco (to 300hp); V8 Scania; two & four cylinder Lombardini (to 35hp); and Honda. These engines come in either diesel or petrol fuel types.
Updated: 05/06/2017   
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First product I advertised was a 130 Landy, sold within 3 days, and have had 19 e-mails since......Great forum for selling on surplus kit. I will be using it again soon. Thanks eArborist....
Rob, Overland / Arbtruck, UNITED KINGDOM

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