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Mason Wood Chippers
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Advert placed: 05/09/2018
Price: £1.00 plus VAT
Condition: USED

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Online Tender Sale - Fuelwood Automatic Firewood Processing Line

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JAPA 3 chain powered 2m feed deck
Woodcutta 400 log saw with 22kW power pack (2016)
Splitta 360 fully automatic log and kindling machine (2016)
4.5m elevated conveyor to manual Bagga

Capable of handling cordwood up to 450mm in diameter, with cutting lengths between 150-330mm, the Woodcutta 400 can produce up to 13 solidcubic metres of cut rings per hour.

https://youtu.be/dP4gQ2C8Juc demonstration video link.

Fuelwood Factory is a combination of Woodcutta 400 and Splitta 360 to create a fully automated arrangement for converting timber lengths into split logs or kindling.

Woodcutta 400 converts the timber into cut rings using a hydraulic chainsaw, then transfers them to the Splitta. The rings are converted to a split product of consistent sectional size, regardless of the ring diameter. The sectional size can be easily and quickly adjusted from log to kindling sizes. The output is then presented for bulk loading or for bagging into net bags.

The Woodcutta boasts many unique features developed by Fuelwood, the log being cut is gripped and held so it cannot twist. The cutting bar system uses .404 bar/chain which automatically regulates the cutting pressure giving optimum performance. The waste and last 'short' log is automatically ejected from the machine keeping all the processed logs to exactly the same length.

Working at optimum timber 40cm the machine is capable of producing 13m2/hour per hour.

Location: Nottinghamshire


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